Sunday, April 25, 2004

The government has attempted to mislead the court by the way of misstatements in its Statement of Facts. The govenment should have used more due diligence in its findings and statements. The government has attempted to use the term Execute Branch as if it is the highest of the three branches, when in reality this country was founded upon checks and balances that are composed of three equal branches, that of Executive, Judicial and Legislative.
This is my initial reaction to the motion of the United States Government to dismiss my complaint. Here are some of my thoughts that I have to ponder upon and expound upon when the time comes:

1) The Government claims Sovereign Immunity. But the Government cannot claim this right because it is only used when the United States is requested to withdraw money from the Treasury. My suit is not one for money rather one of principle.

2) They use the word Hispanic as a word sinomous to Illegal Alien.

3) The allegations are false and I would like to have the opportunity to cross examine the witnesses under oath.