Tuesday, August 10, 2004

P Greg Parham Calls 08/10/2004 08:39am

P Greg Parham, Assistant United States Attorney, called today, August 10, 2004 at 8:39am to inform me that Department of Homeland Security Agents, the FAA, and mechanics were on site to ascertain the airworthiness of the Piper Navajo. He also told me that he had just spoken with Jeff regarding the same issue. He told me that their intention was to fly it to a federal government storage facility. He further stated that in if they were unable to ascertain the airworthiness of the aircraft that they were going to disassemble the aircraft, load it up onto a truck and drive it away. He stated to me that I had been unwilling to provide the maintenance log books in the past and asked me if I would voluntarily provide the log books. I told him that his choice of words were disturbing. He states that I have been unwilling to provide them with the log books. I told him that I have repeatedly told the Department of Homeland Security that I am not in possession of the log books. Parhams choice of words were inappropriate. He told me that Jeff said that I had possession of the log books. His comment seemed odd to me and I responded to Parham that I guess Jeff really could not know the answer to that question.

Parham asked me when would be a good day to do a conference so that we can submit a joint report to the court. He suggested August 20, 2004. I told him that the earlier the better for me. He said that he would schedule it for 9am on the 20th of August and that he will send it to me in writing. The appearance before the court is scheduled for September 13, 2004. I told him that I am requesting a jury trial. He said that I should have requested that in my pleading. I told him that I have not made any pleadings; I have just responded to the Complaint. He told me that Court rule dictates that I would have requested a jury trial within 10 days of the Complaint. I will verify this and I do not think this to be true. I will request a jury trial from the court.

I took the opportunity to ask Parham about the notification that the court supposedly sent to Jeff and to myself informing us about the joint conference. Jeff says that the court documents online state that the document was delivered to both of us and signed for by an unintelligible signature. I will further investigate this also.